Health Lesson Plan – Strip Designer

Screenshot 2016-03-29 15.00.35.png

Strip Designer is an app that can be used in an iPhone or an iPad. This application caught my eye because it allows students to take their own images, import these into a comic strip design and then write in their own text.

In a health lesson this application would be ideal for a lesson on bullying. The students could work in groups to design a situation where bullying is taking place, include text that indicates the act of bullying, what individual people are saying and how the situation can be resolved.

The advantage of Strip Designer is that it incorporates the use of the camera on a phone or iPad which is a tool that keeps the students engaged. The students can take photos of each other for the comic strip which may result in them being more engaged in the activity and want to see the end result. Once the photographs are taken the students have to formulate conversation and text that can be inserted into the comic strip. The use of written language extends the knowledge that is being gained through this task. The amount of room available on the Strip Designer is minimal therefore students have to focus on writing text that is clear and concise. Applying a comic strip design to the topic of bullying results in the students moving through the process of bullying from start to finish, they are able to clearly identify bullying and clearly identify possible solutions or positive actions.

Strip Designer is a fun and colourful application which I believe would keep the students engaged in the learning. The application enables students to take their ideas and translate these into a story line or comic strip. The students can come up with a bullying situation they might have been involved in or have witnessed, they can write what was said by the person being bullied and the person doing the bullying and they can indicate how the situation was resolved and what the positive outcome was. Obviously the students can come up with a possible bullying situation, it does not have to be something they have witnessed.

The disadvantage of using photographs of the students may be that some people are not comfortable being photographed. The Strip Designer application does offer existing images that the students could use instead however, they may not be best suited to the context of bullying. The comic design activity does appear to be more suited to a junior class therefore this may not be something that can be applied across all secondary levels.

In regards to professional use Strip Designer may not offer many applications however, the teacher could print off the comic strips for the class room and other students could refer to these. alternatively, the teacher could formulate a variety of example comic strips and the students have to discuss the actions taking place.


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