Health Lesson Plans – Fring

Screenshot 2016-03-29 14.59.28.png

As I mentioned earlier throughout my practicum experiences I have struggled to come up with innovative ways of teaching health. Fring is an interesting concept which I think could be incorporated into a health lesson. Fring allows for people to make a free mobile group video chat wherever they are.

The Fring app could provide students with the opportunity to discuss elements of their health topic with other people in other locations. For example, a teacher could arrange for a group of students who are focusing on under age drinking to talk with another group of students in another country regarding the matter. The students in New Zealand can share stories, discuss similarities between the countries and make comparisons.

Fring appears to be an application which can extend knowledge through the development of interview skills, communication skills, the acknowledgement of different cultures and further evaluation of health related topics.

Having an online yet face to face discussion with someone in another location is an innovative way of learning and results in the transfer of ideas into practical conversation. The concept of Fring allows for two sets of students to benefit from the activity and they develop bonds with people which might become valuable in the future. The conversation had via Fring could result in the creation of a Yabber account which includes both groups of students and encourages further evaluation and understanding.

In regards to disadvantages the use of Fring is dependant on the school having a device that includes a microphone. In addition to this the 2 respective teachers will need to liaise before any phone calls take place and arranging a mutually convenient time for everyone to make contact might be difficult. Naturally, with something like this the communication between the groups will need to be monitored by a teacher therefore only one group may be able to make contact via Fring each lesson. Senior students should be mature enough to use this tool and therefore it might be best suited to a senior class because it would be easier to manage and put into action.

Fring would be a very user friendly tool if applied to a professional setting. The application allows anyone to make contact wherever they are. I remember meeting a lady on one of my practicums who was outstanding at technology and she mentored a couple of people in the school. Perhaps she could use Fring to make contact with a small rural school to mentor those teachers who do not have access to similar human resources.





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