Health Lesson Plan –

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During my practicum experiences I have always felt like I have lacked activities to included within my health lesson plans. It is always easy to incorporate class and group discussions however, I would like to have some activities on hand that can progress learning further.

In one particular class the unit required me to focus on teenage pregnancy and I was focussing on the element of support required and the areas where help can be obtained.

I was really impressed with and believe that it would be the perfect tool to use in a health lesson and it would extend knowledge of the teaching. allows for students to use a mind map to easily document their ideas and thoughts. In addition it provides the option to create links between different ideas and groupings. The tool would have been perfect for the teenage pregnancy lesson because the students could have formed links between their various support networks and been able to visualise the assistance that is available. In addition the tool could be built on further by the students outlining why they might talk to someone but not someone else or highlighting the support that they believe to be the most important.

In regards to disadvantages I cannot see too many associated with the platform. It does require the user to sign up therefore it may be useful for the teacher to keep track of passwords and usernames to ensure these are not forgotten. Further to this the activity does require students to write down and document their support networks, if some students feel isolated, alone or tend not to have many friends they may feel self conscious completing this task. In saying this, this is a concern that would probably be faced even if the students were involved in a discussion rather than a, it is something the teacher needs to be aware of and work on with the student.

After experimenting with it appears to be an innovative tool that allows for students to translate their ideas into practice. The website is easy to navigate and the boxes, arrows and flow chart system allows student to transfer their thoughts into a visual interpretation. This visual interpretation can then be exported and shared with the teacher or with the students peers. It may be an option for the students to take their mind maps and form groups to identify common links and from here they could collaborate a recommendation plan for a teenager who is pregnant.

From a professional stance the use of a could be beneficial within a department. The department may want to identify the skills and qualifications that each staff member brings to their role and perhaps links and connections will be created. This may result in the head of department identifying the people who might be suited to organising unit plans and those who might be better suited to mentoring new staff.




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