Technology in Schools

Despite being technologically inept it is impossible not to recognise the benefits of incorporating technology in schools. I acknowledge that technology needs to be embraced by educators and that it will not be uncommon for me to be faced with tablets, online sites, at home online resources and apps. Further to this I understand that I will need to use various tools to create digital programmes or assignments for the students to use.

The following points highlight why technology within schools is important an in a sense a “no brainer”.

Personalization: Technology allows for education experiences that are designed for individual students. For example, the teacher may be teaching biomechanics and one student prefers to watch a video explanation whereas another student prefers to read in a text book. An online programme could allow the individual students to select various links which represent their preference.

Accessibility: Previously some schools may not have access to various forms of information. For example, some schools may not have the staff expertise or they may be rural however technology can provide the schools with access to the expertise.


Cultural relevance: The reality is that in about 20 years time some of the careers that are currently available will no longer be required. It is likely that technology will make various careers redundant and will also create alternative job opportunities. Considering that the students will be working in careers that involve a significant amount of technology it makes sense that the technology is incorporated into their education.

Efficiency: Technology is more efficient in a variety of ways. It results in a reduction in paper and cost of paper, people can communicate faster and more often and students can view material at their own pace which acts as an efficient use of time. Things like the intranet allow groups of people to communicate like they were in a meeting however, they do not have to travel anywhere. A school like Freemans Bay Primary has a programme that links the students to the parents and communication can be made while the students are at school. The student can send a message to their parent which is received instantaneously, this is an efficient use of time and resources.

Performance: Students participate in learning using a tool that they consider to be fun and entertaining. Often students are more engaged when they are using technology and the teacher can incorporate more interesting activities which maintain the students interest.




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