Insights into learning

For future reference: Insights into learning tools:

Google Form I created:

Screenshot 2016-03-29 11.15.13

Screenshot 2016-03-29 11.18.25

Poll Everywhere

Screenshot 2016-03-29 11.29.40

It was very easy to create a Google Form and responding to the form was equally as simple. The form is delivered to someone via email and that person simply has to answer the questions and click send. From this point the data from the response is instant and the Google Form platform will create a spreadsheet with the data straight away. I created a form which required contact information which was very efficient. Using a google form to request this information means paper copies don’t go missing, there is no issue reading hand writing and it is easy to monitor who has or hasn’t submitted their response.

After creating a Google Form I opted to try Poll Everywhere and formed a question that was directed at the students. If Poll Everywhere was used in a class room it would appear that students could text or respond by going to a particular link. The response process seemed more difficult that simply responding to an email however, Poll Everywhere might be useful if the students do not have email accounts. I have been in situations where the students have forgotten their passwords and cannot access the email accounts therefore maybe something like Poll Everywhere allows all of the students to respond at that particular time. Once again the data collected from the poll is almost instantaneous and it is an efficient way of obtaining feedback from the students.

Why can feedback from your students enhance your teaching and student learning?

Obtaining feedback at the start of a unit or topic of work can help the teacher identify the level of the students understanding, knowledge and potentially provide a starting point for said unit or topic of work. Obtaining feedback throughout the course of the unit or topic can provide data that indicates how the students are progressing, what they gained since the start and what they still need to know.

In addition to monitoring the students progress feedback can provide the teacher with insight into how their teaching methods and actions impact the students education and understanding. For example, a teacher may obtain feedback throughout a unit which involved lots of blended learning and flipped classroom tool and they may compare this date with feedback received from a unit that was heavily influenced by cooperative learning. The feedback received and comparisons made may indicate how the student(s) learn and what sort of teaching method is successful.

Through feedback and data collection a teacher can identify what works and what doesn’t. It is possible to wait an entire term before obtaining any feedback and data however, feedback platforms such as Socrative and Kahootz provide instant feedback. This means that teachers can be constantly changing and adapting their teaching to get the best results out of the their students. The instant feedback also provides teachers with the ability to experiment with different teaching methods.




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