Creating audio and video

Links for future reference:

Creating video tools:

Creating audio tools:

Screen casing tools:

Screencasting tools record your screen and you can add audio. Maybe you want to flip your classroom or model how to do a task. Students can capturethe steps they take to complete a task.

With the free version of Screencast-o-matic (Links to an external site.) you can record your screen for up to 15 minutes and publish to YouTube or create an MP4.

Jing (Links to an external site.) will capture images and add voice narratives on a laptop. It is a free screen recording application that can be downloaded to your computer.  Jing creates .swf files which may not play on all devices.

There are also apps: Educreations (Links to an external site.) for screencasting and recording your voice and images; ShowMe (Links to an external site.) app for voiceover, whiteboard recordings. Both have free and paid options.

Another option is Microsoft’s Office Mix. (Links to an external site.)

Experimenting with audio and video:


Vocaroo is a really easy tool to use because it doesn’t require the user doesn’t need to sign up before they can use it. I simply went to and hit record. I have generated a short recording guiding someone around the Auckland University Canvas site. The recording can be listened to here by clicking on the link below.

My Vacaroo


Unlike Vacaroo, Powtoon requires the user to sign up and create an account. Despite having to sign up Powtoon does offer plenty of tutorials and is actually very user friendly. I was able to make a short video which incorporated text and audio. It didn’t take me long to work out how to apply the timing tools to the videos and to create a short video made up of three slides.

In order to export the video to your computer you need to be a premium member. The free alternative requires the user to upload do a different platform such as You Tube. The only problem with this is that Powtoon then asks to have access to your account details. I have opted to export my Powtoon video to “My Powtoon” which I believe makes it public on the Powtoon website. The video can be viewed by clicking on the following link.

My Powtoon

From this link the video can be shared via social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.



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