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During this particular activity I was required to create a Twitter account. Through this process I have been able to connect with Physical Educators who are based throughout the world and in addition I have been able to connect with the people within my class. Being connected to these people allows me to gain insight to alternative thoughts, ideas, opinions and concepts. What caught my attention when I first started to explore twitter was that these alternative ideas and concepts are uploaded to the website in a very brief format which allows the viewer to scan over a large amount of content in a short amount of time. What I liked was that if something caught my attention I was able to click on the comment and see further communication with other people who had found this interesting.

As an educator it is very easy to focus on a very close community. For example, I consider what other schools in New Zealand are doing, what other teachers do in their classes and what my fellow peers are doing however, there is an international environment that needs to be considered. Being connected online allows me to see what is happening in other parts of the world for example, a group of physical educators are meeting for a conference in America and there are podcasts available from physical educators overseas.

As a newbie to Twitter I am currently only connected to a handful of people or organisations however, the list could extend further out from my peers and physical educators. I have followed The Ministry of Education and Hekia Parata. Keeping connected with these sorts of people will allow me to identify and follow issues that impact education, my teaching and the students. An interesting aspect of Twitter is that you can identify what has been “re-tweeted” which helps the user identify popular topics and points of interest at a current time.


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