Collaborative learning takes place when a group of students work together to solve a problem. The students talk and discuss with each other and it is through this process that the learning takes place.

The act of collaboration can occur between students, teachers or the student and the teacher.

For future use: Collaboration tools that can be used in the classroom:

Microblogging looks like it could be a very useful tool to use in a secondary school. The reason I think this is because it incorporates aspects of technology that the students are familiar with. For example, the students are able to communicate in the form of blogs or instant messages. Further to this the students can conveniently upload content in the form of text, images, video and audio. Using a microblog seems to be a good platform for quickly sharing information and allows for a higher frequency of posts because the users are producing shorter pieces of writing each time.

Yammer seems to be another interesting tool that could be used within schools to assist with collaboration. I haven’t used Yammer before but it seems to allow for collaboration to occur between a group of people and in a sense the group forms an online community . This could be really useful in a classroom situation because small groups could create their own Yammer site and they could communicate via this. After researching I can see that these groups are able to message each other, upload documents and share group announcements. It would be a useful tool to use if the students needed to collaborate outside of the classroom and during their own time. Something like Yammer helps develop student centred learning and encourages students to take responsibility for their own learning.

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