Web 2.0 and beyond

Web 2.0 incorporates online tools that allow students to think deeper about their learning and organise their thinking. In addition web 2.0 encourages students to communicate and collaborate with others.

Web 2.0 can be applied to Bloom Taxonomy. An example of this could be You Tube being applied to the evaluating element of Bloom Taxonomy. In a class room situation the students may be learning about biomechanic principles. Rather than simply viewing images on paper the students could view movement videos on You Tube and apply the principles to the videos.

The use of You Tube and videos is transformational because without the use of the videos it would be difficult for students to apply the principles to a full range of movement. The application to a real life situation encourages the students to think deeper and they are able to apply their learning to a certain context. The rewind and pause feature of a video clips allows students to, watch the movement as often as required, communicate with their peers regarding certain aspects of the video, refer to a certain time frame within the clip and come up with the answer in their own time. If the school has enough devices the students could select a movement video that is best suited to their interests and they could share their knowledge with others who have chosen different movements.

Bloom http://www.mmiweb.org.uk/web20/bloomweb20.html



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