Flipped Classroom and Blended Learning within Health and Physical Education

The use of a flipped classroom allows teachers to move away from being the person who stands at the front of the class and talks to the students. A flipped class room encourages the teacher to become more of facilitator and encourages student centred learning.

Blended learning is use of online resources within a classroom and allows students to work at their own pace. Blended learning focuses heavily on meeting the requirements of each individual student within the classroom.

I think the use of the flipped and blended classroom could be very beneficial within a health and physical education environment. Both methods acknowledge the importance of student centred learning and personalising education to the individual student.

Within a physical education class the teacher may be introducing a new topic in the following lesson. The teacher could prepare a flipped classroom for the students to watch in their own time. This would allow the students to be introduced to the topic via the flipped classroom rather than the teacher standing at the front of the class and delivering information. The use of the flipped classroom may encourage students to think about the new topic, they may have some questions already and they may do further research or enquiry on their own.

A blended approach may work within a health class where some people are more advanced than others. The blended classroom would allow for students to work at their own pace and collaborate or discuss in groups if required. The use of the online resource would allow for the teacher to communicate with more individual students within the classroom. I believe that freeing up the teacher to talk to the students could encourage important discussions around the topic.

Testing can be incorporated into blended learning. For example there may be short quizzes that the students need to complete. The results are received directly by the teacher and are collated by the online system. This process allows the teacher to identify how the students are progressing, what they know and what they don’t know. The collection of data online means the teacher can spend more time teaching rather than distributing and marking tests.



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