“Create your blog in minutes”

Did you have a diary when you were younger? Do you remember how simple it was to keep a diary? All you really needed was a note book and something to write with. A diary provided a place to take notes and document your private thoughts and feelings?

At first I thought a blog seemed like a simple concept whereby you can simply apply the principles of a diary to an electronic platform however, for my IT illiterate self this is not the case. If you search WordPress in Google you will be told that a blog can be created in “minutes”. At this stage I am feeling rather disheartened because I have been creating this blog platform for what feels like days and it doesn’t incorporate any fancy features and there is no order or structure. It occurred to be that I could be here for many more days so I have opted to start blogging without the fancy features in the hope that I will be able to amend and improve my blog over time.

At the age of 27 and with several years of university under my belt my basket of technological tricks is still very empty however, I hope to fill my basket as I progress through this course. I am looking forward to developing my understanding of how I can put technology into practice and how I might be able to incorporate technology into my teaching. I wouldn’t describe myself as being very confident when it comes to technology and I hope that this blog will become a resource that I can refer back to during my studies and teaching.

During one of my practicum experiences my associate teacher made the use of technology look so easy. I was incredibly jealous of what she incorporated into her classes and I felt so far behind the times. Here I was, half her age and struggling to put together a power point presentation. My goal is to incorporate technology into my life and my lessons, to make things interactive and to work more efficiently.

Unlike a diary, a blog is a public tool whereby written comments can be read and interpreted by others. I acknowledge that the people reading my blogs will make judgements, they will question what I have written and they will probably leave comments. At first this idea scared me and I became self-conscious about writing online however, the interaction from other readers can only benefit my learning and understanding of technology.

I look forward to documenting my journey and seeing what I achieve over this time.


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